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Welcome to ExcelSentry

We are pleased to announce the release of an Excel 2007 version of ExcelSentry, now named 'Spreadsheet Sentry'.  Spreadsheet Sentry reads and encodes both Excel 2000/2003-style spreadsheets (.xls files) and Excel 2007-style spreadsheets (.xlsx and .xlsm files).  Spreadsheet Sentry is now available from our new website www.spreadsheetsentry.com.

ExcelSentry provides comprehensive and robust security for your Microsoft ExcelŽ spreadsheets.  It creates encoded versions of your spreadsheets, providing both:

  • location security, meaning only authorized users are able to use your spreadsheets; and
  • content security, meaning not even authorized users can edit or view your spreadsheet formulas.

ExcelSentry employs innovative technology to achieve a new and unique solution which:

  • is simple to use
  • prevents unauthorized users from using your spreadsheet at all, yet allows authorized users to use your spreadsheet as normal
  • provides persistent security wherever and whenever the spreadsheet is used
  • incorporates strong encryption (essentially unbreakable)
  • is independent of Excel's native spreadsheet 'protection'
  • individually encrypts the spreadsheet formulas
  • offers multiple authorization modes
  • provides affordable rights management capabilities

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Why do I need ExcelSentry?
Why can't I rely on Excel's native spreadsheet protection?
What is the process required to encode a spreadsheet?


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